New Era of Human Resource Development.

A premium platform designed to help people improve quality of life by using FiveBalance scaling methods.

What Is Fivebalance

FiveBalance is the world’s first digital asset for human resource development. Cryptocurrency is designed to give rewards for every individual who are struggling to fix their problems or trying to improve the quality of their FiveBalance (Fit, Financial, Family, Flair, and Faith).
Users also can get rewards from someone who appreciates them, from their companies, or the advertisers who put their advertisements on FiveBalance indicators. FBN rewards can be used to unlock premium indicators or e-book exchange, seminar tickets or the other merchandises in the Human Resource Marketplace.
The fivebalance community will work in a decentralized method, each community member can conduct training classes or join study groups in their cities. The Fivebalance developer will start from countries in Southeast Asia and expand to all countries in the world.

Fivebalance Business Model

HR Development Ecosystem

"A" is someone who needs a recovery for his life. They are someone who wants to grow but they don't know how to starts. "A" will find Fivebalance application and check out their live performance by checking fit/financial/family/flair/faith indicator.
They will know what to do to get better life or solving their current problem. "A" will get FBN token from their friend, company, developer, or advertiser for every single achievement.

HR Trainer Ecosystem

Every member of the community who had more than 5.000.000 FBN coins is for collateral, they can organize their own events and become a mentor or a facilitator for #timetomove social movements in their respective cities or countries. The other good thing is, the participants also can exchange their tokens for the traning cost.

Crypto Community Ecosystem

Crypto community will feel the experience of having tokens whose investments can grow along with the ever-increasing demand. The #timetomove social movement will be endless news for promotional activities and has become a funding part for projects that will bring positive impact to every individual in the world

App's Features

Personal Key Performance Indicator

You will get a tool to measure your performance, to make the purpose of life and to find indicators that can make it happen.

Find and Inspiring People

Do people at your age have the same problem? Fivebalance will connect you with people who have the same life purpose or makes you an inspiration for others

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Why do we use cryptocurrency? Because Fivebalance is aimed at the global community, so you can use this digital currency without being tied to banks and fees. Fast transfer technology that can be converted into Bitcoin via exchange,, For the people who lived in Indonesia, you can use GOPAY.

Personal Achievement Measure

You will put your current achievement and Fivebalance apps will calculate the score at the end of every month. Fivebalance Apps will give cryptocurrency rewards for your achievement and you can also share rewards with your friends to support them.

Self Improvement Article

You will get an article that contains indicators to create KPI. All articles have been classified into 5 categories: Fit, Family, Financial, Flair, and Faith.

Personal Improvement Portfolio

The KPI method was initially used by corporate to improve performance, can you imagine if you have the same portfolio with your characteristics? You can show that if you can successfully commit to change your life, it will be easier for you to commit to any other person or company, right?

Step To User Our Apps

Register & Complete Your Profile

You will find people with the same profile and different purpose of life, you will get inspiration from users like you (age, gender, problems, etc).

Set Purpose Your Life & Target Achievement

You can make your life goal project, input your target and you can determine how long it will take to achieve them

Setup Indicator & Target

You will choose the KPI indicators in each FiveBalance category (Fit, Family, Financial, Flair, and Faith) so you can achieve your life purpose. Change your financial problems by improving your habits

Coin Specifications

Name Fivebalance
Algo Quark
Total Supply
MN Collateral 1.000.000
Block Reward 400 FBN ( 80% MN 20% POS, Halving in Second Years – Fourth Years, Years 5th Flat Reward )




MacOS ( Soon)

Android (Soon)

User Oriented Interface

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